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About Us: Rolling Thunder®, Inc's History

Rolling Thunder's "Ride for Freedom" to Washington, DC

Many people know Rolling Thunder® from the annual demonstration and "Ride for Freedom" to Washington, DC during Memorial Day weekend where approximately 500,000 motorcycles participate each year.

Make plans to attend the demonstration held each year on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. For more information see our Calendar.

"Rolling Thunder® the Run", was started in 1987 just before Veterans Day by Ray Manzo and Artie Muller. They wanted to do something about the POW/MIA issue. They wanted to wake up the American public and educate them about the many American POWs that had been left behind. Rolling Thunder® “Ride for Freedom” of all POW/MIAs was born.

There were some 2600 riders in Rolling Thunder® 1 and thousands lined the streets as Rolling Thunder® roared into Washington, DC. Today hundreds of thousands of men, women and children attend Rolling Thunder® in Washington, DC each year.

People from all the 50 U.S. states, Canada, Australia, England, South Korea, New Zealand, Germany and many other countries have helped make this one of the largest Runs for the POW/MIA issue worldwide.

Their purpose was and is to honor our brothers and sisters on the Wall as well as veterans of all wars that gave their lives for their country.

They demonstrate to people worldwide that POW/MIAs do exist! They demand a complete accounting of all POW/MIAs and insist on bringing home all live American POWs still held by foreign countries!! They protect our future veterans so that they will be "guaranteed" that they will not be left behind!! That is what we represent.

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