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POW/MIA - Where are they now and more importantly why?

Who is Hiding What? And From Whom?

This information was compiled by Task Force Omega Inc.

Why would the Vietnamese and Laotians still hold American POWs this long after the war? One reason: money. On 27 January 1973, the Paris Peace Accords were signed with the knowledge some POWs were retained by the Vietnamese as collateral.

On 1 February 1973, President Nixon secretly agreed to pay $3.25 billion to the North Vietnamese in reconstruction aid. This agreement was sweetened by an additional $1 to $1.5 billion in medical assistance. He resigned soon thereafter, and Congress, unaware of the deal, never appropriated the money.

The Laotians also wanted reconstruction money. However, the United States refused to even talk to them. Under these circumstances, why should we expect them to release the POWs they were holding?

Credible, documented evidence has been presented that some American POWs were sold or bartered to the Soviet Union in exchange for weapons and other badly needed supplies. American POWs with "Special Talents" - such as electronics, communications, state of the art weapons systems, etc. - are said to have been especially in demand. At least six Prisoners of War also ended up in the hands of the Chinese; possibly others given to the North Koreans.

Why hasn't the American government done more to obtain the release of Live POWs? What motive could there possibly be NOT to bring them home? Very few in our government are willing to say much about it, but theories abound. One theory made plausible both by credible evidence and by recent events, holds that some of the POWs held by the Vietnamese and Laotians were actually captured years after the war in Southeast Asia supposedly ended.

According to this theory, our intelligence agencies were unable to convince Congress to fund covert activities in that area following the end of the war. Though these activities were for the most part legitimate and reasonable, Congress was glad to be out of the morass of the war and did not want to hear anything more about that part of the world.

Some believe the CIA used its "properties" - private businesses such as Air America and Nugan Hand Bank that provided "covers" for their agents - to smuggle arms and drugs throughout the "Golden Triangle" and "launder" the profits for diversion to covert activities.

It is only reasonable to assume that some of the pilots and support crew would inevitably fall into the hands of our enemies. There is evidence that some of these latest "POWs" are being held in the same prison camps as the military POWs.

If any of those original captives came home talking about others who had joined them as recently as 1982 or 1983, it would be the end of any number of reputations and political careers. This includes members of both major political parties and all Administrations since 1973.

Fact or fiction? Our government knows the answers - and it isn't talking!Don't you find it strange that the government "lost" all original fingerprints of all POWs whose fingerprint samples came out of SOutheast Asis in the summer of 1991?

Ask yourself one question: Who has the power to make something like this happen?

All these facts are a matter of public record and clearly indicate that we have some serious problems in the POW/MIA arena that our elected officials refuse to acknowledge.