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POW/MIA - Where are they now and more importantly why?

The Smoking Gun has been Found!

This information was compiled by Task Force Omega Inc.

Since the dissolution of the USSR, a treasure trove of evidence has turned up in communist files. In spite of the best efforts of the United States Government, the truth is coming out. For instance, in 1993, Steven Morris, a scholar from Harvard University's Russian Research Center, discovered a Top Secret document in the files of the Central Committee, Communist Party Soviet Union, International Department (formerly known as COMINTERN).

General Tran Van Quang, Deputy Chief of Staff of the North Vietnamese Army, authored a report dated 15 September 1972 to the North Vietnamese Politburo, which ended up in Russian Intelligence archives. This document provided a detailed accounting of 1,205 live American POWs then held in 11 North Vietnamese prisons. The General's statements are quite revealing:

"1,205 American prisoners of war located in the prisons of Vietnam - this is a big number. Officially, until now, we published a list of only 368 prisoners of war, the rest we have not revealed. The government of the U.S.A. knows this well, but it does not know the exact number of prisoners of war, and can only make guesses based on its losses."

Note that this report is dated 4 months before the war ended. It only includes POWs held by North Vietnam in North Vietnam up to that point. However, it does not include Prisoners of War held in South Vietnam by the Viet Cong, those POWs held in Laos by the Pathet Lao, or those POWs held in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge.

The Senate Armed Services Committee provides supporting evidence. From a Committee Memo for Record dated 8 April 1993: "A member of the DRV (Democratic Republic of Vietnam) Politburo, Mr. Le Dinh, defected in 1979. He was debriefed (unprofessionally) by DIA, and he revealed that as of 1975, the Vietnamese possessed about 700 American POWs." The memo goes on to state: "Again, Le Dinh's statement that about 700 American POWs were kept back is authoritative. It is consistent with the Russian document, and it corroborates it."

Former National Security Advisors Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski, for the Nixon and Carter Administrations respectively, have publicly and frequently stated that, based on their knowledge and expertise, they believe the Vietnamese document found in the Russian archives to be authentic and accurate in its numbers of living POWs held back by Vietnam. Further, a number of well placed Pentagon military officials, administration bureaucrats, and Washington insiders, have agreed with Kissinger and Brzezinski's appraisal of the validity of the report.